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The Stoppy is the ultimate doorstop. Shown in an arrangement of colours

The ultimate doorstop

Works on tile, wood,
linoleum, stone and more
Fits gaps up to 3.5" tall
Available in a rainbow of colors


The ultimate door stop.

Stoppy keeps doors open with style.
No more propping doors open with stacks of books, chairs or shoes. Stoppy is fun, decorative and will keep your doors open with style. Use it at home, in the office, at the cottage or wherever you need to keep a door open.

Learn more below:

Stoppy is made from a safe, non-toxic material that works on carpet, tile, stone, wood, linoleum, and more. You can also use it outside to hold patio doors open. If Stoppy gets dirty, simply clean it with water and it'll look brand new again.
Use the slimmest part of Stoppy to fit gaps as small as .25" and use the curvier end to fit gaps up to 3.5". Made of soft rubber material, Stoppy will not mark your floors or damage the bottom of your doors.
Note that Stoppy is not meant to be used for fire doors
Available in a rainbow of colors, there is a Stoppy for everyone's taste and décor.
Ideas you've shared with us:
  • Gain peace of mind when traveling by using Stoppy to keep the hotel door secure. Also useful for avoiding any embarrassing incidents if you forget to hang the "Do not disturb sign."

  • Stoppy keeps your books straight and organized in style.

  • Pet friendly – use it to keep doors to allow your pet(s) to come and go.

  • Perfect for backyard parties - Use a couple of Stoppys to keep your patio doors open even in the wind.

  • Acts as the perfect butler and holds the dooopenr open while you bring groceries into the house or unload the car.

  • Prevent active toddlers from getting into rooms they shouldn't. Jam Stoppy in the bottom of the door of the bathroom, basement or office.

  • Fits perfectly in your hand – use it as a stress squeeze on tough days.

  • Use 2 Stoppys to create the perfect Yin Yang and add instant Zen to your space.
Using Stoppy
Place the edge of the wedge under the door to hold it in place.
Using Stoppy
Stoppy works indoors or outdoors. Fits gaps up to 3.5in in height.
Using Stoppy
Use two Stoppys to hold a door in place.
Using Stoppy
Place Stoppy in the door frame to prevent it from closing.
Using Stoppy
Stoppy holds windows open like this...
Using Stoppy
...or like this.



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