Our Top 5 Picture Hanging Tips

If you just moved into a new home, re-decorated or recently painted your walls, there’s a good chance you’ll have to hang some pictures. But before you start hammering, be sure to check out these tips, they’ll save you time and potential mistake holes too.

  • Sounds simple, but if you’re hanging a piece above your couch, for example, you want to make sure it’s placed exactly where you want it before you start hammering nails in your walls.
  • That also goes for armoires, hutches, pianos, bookcases, desks etc…

  • Match your art with your furniture by hanging small pictures over small pieces, and big ones over large pieces. An oversized frame hanging over a delicate piece of furniture will completely overwhelm it instead of enhancing it.
  • Consider the shape of your walls too; for example, a tall vertical piece will fit perfectly in a tall wall space.

  • If you’re hanging artwork in a hallway, front entrance or any other place where it’ll be viewed from a standing position, hang your artwork so the center hangs approximately 60″ to 66” from the floor. This rule never fails.
  • In rooms where you spend most of your time sitting, your art should be hanging lower so you can enjoy it without having to look up.

  • Always take a second look before hanging a mirror. Make sure the reflection you get isn’t of a messy kitchen, doorway or a blank wall.
  • Mirrors also reflect daylight, they’ll help make a small space appear larger and brighter than it actually is.

  • Anything light, including picture frames, canvases, shadow boxes, clocks, plates etc. can be hung with a nail, hook or screw.
  • For heavier items, use 2 nails or hooks for each piece, which will help equally distribute the weight. In some cases, it’s best to use wall anchors. They make big holes but you need to think about safety first.



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