Mirror, mirror on the entry wall…

Okay, admit it – when you go to someone’s house and there’s a mirror by the front door, you sneak a peek at yourself, don’t you? It’s all right, most of us do.

From a decorating perspective, mirrors reflect daylight which means your entrance space will appear larger and brighter than it actually is. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so you can have fun picking one that will match your wall space the best. For an alternative to putting holes in your walls, consider decorating with a floor mirror, just lean it against the wall.

That being said, you don’t need to be afraid of hanging a large mirror or making those holes. It’s easy when you know how. Here’s how we did it:

What You’ll Need:

  • Painter’s Tape or other low tack adhesive tape
  • Wall anchors & screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Electric drill & bits
  • Small level
  • Hang & Level picture hanging tool
  • A helper

1. Placing your mirror

  • Have your helper hold the mirror while you step back and determine the right placement on the wall.
  • Once you have the right spot, mark the position of one corner of the mirror with a couple of pieces of low adhesive tape.

2. Find the spot for the first screw

  • Start with the side opposite the tape, place the D-ring onto the single hook of the Hang & Level tool. (Note: if the tool’s handle doesn’t clear the top of the frame, move the D-Rings up).
  • With your helper, place the frame and tool against the wall. Line up the corner of the mirror with the tape on the wall to make sure it’s in the right spot.
  • Use a small level on top of the mirror to make sure it’s straight.

3. Install the first screw

  • Once the frame is in the right spot, keep the tool on the wall while your helper takes the mirror down.
  • Press the single button to mark where the screw goes.
  • Tip: To make sure the drill bit goes in the right spot, you can enlarge the hole by tapping the screw into the hole with a hammer.
  • Drill a hole directly into the mark and insert a plastic anchor.
  • Install the first screw, but only ½ way in. This will make it easier to hang on the D-ring when you’re ready to find the spot for the second screw.

4. Find the spot for the second screw

  • With your helper, place the mirror back on the wall, and hang it on the first screw. Place the other D-Ring onto the single hook of the Hang & Level.
  • Place a level on top of the frame, and move the Hang & Level vertically until the bubble is in the middle, to ensure it’s straight.
  • Have your partner remove the frame while you keep the tool in place, and press the single button to mark the spot.

5. Install the second screw & hang your mirror

  • Repeat the steps above to install the second anchor and screw.
  • Tighten both screws, leaving enough exposed to catch on the D-rings.
  • With your helper, hang the mirror onto the two screws and remove the tape from the wall.
  • Enjoy!

At Under The Roof Decorating, we make picture hanging easy. Our innovative products as well as helpful tips and tricks make it simple to hang pictures where you want them – the first time! 


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