Picture hanging tip: Build the look on the floor

An easy way to perfect a multiple frame display is to lay them out on the floor to determine the best possible arrangement before hanging.  Imagine a vertical line running through the middle of your display. Check that items on either side of that line are visually equal in weight. Balance colored items, light and dark pieces and different shapes for both sides. Move the pieces around until you find the right combination.  This will also help you determine the right spacing between each piece.When you think you have the right combination, take a photo – yes, of all the frames on the floor. Hop on a chair and take the picture looking straight down. You’ll be amazed how this will help you notice things that you didn’t see the first time. A simple tip that will save you time and potential mistake holes too.

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2 thoughts on “Picture hanging tip: Build the look on the floor

  1. Dawn Singer

    I have several Thomas Kincade pics and was wondering if I can hang them together in a grouping. They are all different as far as sizes, subject matter and frames. The only “sameness” is the artist. I have a large wall over a sectional in a family room and would love to display this art without it looking cluttered.

  2. Liette Post author

    Hi Dawn – yes, you can absolutely hang them all together on the same wall. It’s great to keep collections together, they make beautiful stories for your walls. Have a look at this link for inspiration. You’ll see gallery walls built with items of different shapes and sizes to create stunning backgrounds for sofas. Please keep posted on your picture hanging project, I’d love to know how it turns out.

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