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Easy Halloween decorating ideas

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be complicated. Even if you’re a busy person who can’t be bothered with carving a pumpkin, you can still use pumpkins in your décor.

When hanging a gallery – number your frames

Here’s a simple tip that will save you time and headaches too. When hanging a grouping of identical frames, number the back of the frames from 1 to 9 (or however many you’re putting up) starting with the one on the right, top row, second row right to left, and bottom row right to left.

Bookshelf styling tips

Styling a bookshelf is not easy and it’s even more challenging when you have a mishmash of books. There are a few tricks, you can use to help you get those picture perfect shelf looks you see in design magazines, TV shows and on Pinterest (my favourite).

Fall looks with cushions and throws

Every year when the weather turns fall-like, I give my house a mini makeover simply by switching my summer pillows to warmer ones. And every year I’m amazed by how quickly this pillow swapping ritual can change the look and feel of my space.

How to make large paint color samples

I usually start a painting project by shopping for colors, either looking at paint swatches from a DIY store or flipping through a color fan borrowed from a paint shop.

The secret behind this trendy layered look

My original plan was to hang these frames in a gallery style on the wall behind my green and white striped sofa. But after propping them on the window sill, I fell in love with the trendy look of the layered frames, so I decided not to mess with something that’s already perfect.

Backyard oasis – a little piece of paradise

Imagine coming home to your very own private oasis after a long tiring day. It’s something I’ve been dreaming of for many years and I finally did it. I transformed my tiny urban backyard deck into a little piece of paradise without breaking the bank or undergoing any major renovations – and I love it.

DIY Picnic table makeover: from plain to wow!

We’ve had our picnic table for 30 years. When we bought it, it looked terrific. It was sturdy, well built, and the kind of table that would last a lifetime. Fast forward to today, the orangey tinted table has lost its appeal and clashes with our outdoor décor so I was ready to get rid […]

Gallery wall tip: avoid extra holes in walls

Often, it’s the fear of damaging our walls that discourages us from creating beautiful photo displays in our home. Hanging things up shouldn’t be this intimidating, that’s why I’m sharing this gallery wall tip to avoid making extra holes in your walls, it only requires foam board and time.

Stampede Décor on a Dime

It’s early July, and if you live and work in Calgary, Alberta like we do, you know it’s Stampede time! Under the Roof’s headquarters are located only a few blocks away from the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, The Calgary Stampede, which means that we’re right in the middle of the madness. Yahoo!

Canada Day mason jars centerpiece

This simple DIY centrepiece is the perfect last minute project to add a festive touch to any Canada Day celebrations. Display it either indoor or outdoor to give your table an instant pop of patriotic red and white flair.

Does paint go bad?

I asked myself the question “Does paint go bad” recently when going through a bunch of old cans looking for leftovers to paint a picture frame.

DIY picture frame makeover

I love easy and inexpensive DIY projects that deliver big results. I bought this old picture frame at a garage sale, painted it all white and hung it above a queen size bed to create a headboard.