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Easy Halloween decorating ideas

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be complicated. Even if you’re a busy person who can’t be bothered with carving a pumpkin, you can still use pumpkins in your décor.

Fall looks with cushions and throws

Every year when the weather turns fall-like, I give my house a mini makeover simply by switching my summer pillows to warmer ones. And every year I’m amazed by how quickly this pillow swapping ritual can change the look and feel of my space.

5 tips for hanging bathroom pictures

I love hanging pictures in perfect symmetry, which sometimes can be very challenging. I recently hung these two picture frames in the bathroom of our master bedroom at the cottage and thought I’d share some quick steps. I don’t like making extra holes in my walls and neither should you – so here are a few tips to avoid damaging your walls when hanging art.

Before & After: frumpy guest bedroom gets a makeover

This used to be our guest bedroom at the cottage. I know what you’re thinking: it’s ugly. It was! When friends and family would come visit with their kids in tow this is where they’d sleep. It made sense to have bunks in the same room as the parents’ – it was all about having a functional space where kids could be kids, rather than focusing on having a nicely decorated room.

Before and After: A cottage bedroom gets a well-deserved makeover

This bedroom is very spacious, but it was also very dated. After 17 years of enjoying the old cottage, my husband and I finally bit the bullet and renovated. New flooring, a fresh coat of paint and different furniture placement that’s all that was needed to transform this master into a peaceful retreat.

Need help picking the right paint color?

So, you’ve decided to repaint your walls. When you head to your favorite DIY store, you’ll likely be faced with thousands of tiny color swatches. How can you possibly choose a color for your walls based on such a small paint sample?

Decorating With Maps

Decorating with maps is a creative way to decorate walls without spending too much money. I listened to my own advice and added style to a big wall without a big price tag.

Deck decorating ideas – enjoy outdoor living

When we’re at our cottage, we literally live outside. Rain or shine we eat and entertain outside because that’s what cottaging is all about. Since our deck is the most used room in the house (or out), my husband and I decided it was time to invest in new patio furniture.

How to remove stubborn price stickers from glass

Arrrggh… I find it so frustrating when I can’t peel a price tag off a picture frame by just pulling it off. Even after trying to scratch it off with my nails, I still end up with a bit of the tag leftover, sticky residue and ruined nails (I’m not a diva, but still).

Tips for choosing the right patio chairs

You fall in love with the perfect patio chairs, bring them home only to realize that the back is too tilted or the chairs are too low. If that has happened to you, you’re not alone. Here’s a very simple tip that takes all the guesswork out of choosing the right height for your outdoor chairs.

Canada Day red and white centerpiece

This simple DIY centrepiece is the perfect last minute project to add a festive touch to any Canada Day celebrations. Display it either indoor or outdoor to give your table an instant pop of patriotic red and white flair.

7 decorating tips for small balconies

These decorating tips for small balconies will give you the confidence you need to buy exactly what’s needed for your outdoor space on your first trip to the store. Shopping is time consuming, especially if you have to make many trips – so make the best use of your time by knowing what size and style of rug, chairs and tables will best suit your outdoor space.