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Canada Day mason jars centerpiece

This simple DIY centrepiece is the perfect last minute project to add a festive touch to any Canada Day celebrations. Display it either indoor or outdoor to give your table an instant pop of patriotic red and white flair.

Does paint go bad?

I asked myself the question “Does paint go bad” recently when going through a bunch of old cans looking for leftovers to paint a picture frame.

DIY picture frame makeover

I love easy and inexpensive DIY projects that deliver big results. I bought this old picture frame at a garage sale, painted it all white and hung it above a queen size bed to create a headboard.

How high to hang art

The question I get asked the most often about picture hanging is “how high to hang pictures”. So I thought I would show the thought process I went through when hanging a canvas both horizontally and vertically.

Wedding inspiration

With Spring here and Summer just around the corner, wedding season has officially begun. I received my first wedding invitation of the year yesterday, and I’m thrilled to be able to attend.

Get your front porch summer ready

This is my small urban front porch. It used to be a space that my husband and I would avoid, but now it’s a favorite spot to enjoy a cup of coffee on sunny mornings. Once I took the time to decorate my front porch for summer, we were keen to start making the most of it during the warmest months of the year.

Hang art at kids’ level

Finding the perfect height to hang any artwork can be a challenge. But when it comes to a child’s room, the rules change again. Remember, your kids’ room is for them, so make sure to hang pictures, bookshelves, black boards etc…at their level, not at yours.

What to hang in a dining room

A dining room is the perfect place to hang art. There’s usually at least one long wall to hang a piece or a group of pieces to create the right dining ambience. Since it’s a place for your family and guests to gather to enjoy a meal together hang something interesting that will spark a conversation and that is pretty to look at too.

How to hang a mirror grouping

Finding something fun and interesting to hang above a headboard can be a challenge sometimes. In this case, I chose a grouping of round mirrors to create a playful display and relaxed atmosphere.