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Canada Day red and white centerpiece

This simple DIY centrepiece is the perfect last minute project to add a festive touch to any Canada Day celebrations. Display it either indoor or outdoor to give your table an instant pop of patriotic red and white flair.

7 decorating tips for small balconies

These decorating tips for small balconies will give you the confidence you need to buy exactly what’s needed for your outdoor space on your first trip to the store. Shopping is time consuming, especially if you have to make many trips – so make the best use of your time by knowing what size and style of rug, chairs and tables will best suit your outdoor space.

Mudroom decorated with art from Magnolia

When I saw these pretty downloadable plant prints I knew they’d be perfect for my mudroom. The price was right – free. Thanks to Magnolia I created a nature-inspired gallery wall that barely cost anything and looks stunning.

How this tiny bathroom came to life

You would think that decorating a small bathroom would be easier than decorating a big one, right? Well, as I recently found out, it took as long to find a shower curtain, towels and art as it did for a bathroom twice the size.

5 minute IKEA dresser makeover

I’m feeling quite self-conscious as I’m writing this article because I just read Is there an age when you should stop buying inexpensive (IKEA) furniture? Personally, I don’t think so and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a proud 55.

How to hang a large clock – in no time

Are you a fan of the big clock trend? I recently bought one for a very small apartment and I love it. For me it wasn’t so much about the trend, it was more about finding the right piece to fill a large wall space between two identical windows.

Bold decorating with canvas art

Often we hear that paint is the quickest and easiest way to fresh up a room – I disagree. If you’re on a budget, pressed for time or if your house is in desperate need of a quick facelift – do it with art.

Does paint go bad?

I asked myself the question “Does paint go bad” recently when going through a bunch of old cans looking for leftovers to paint a picture frame.

Glam up a bedroom with a stylish mirror

If your bedroom lacks pizzazz, add some with a large round mirror – you’ll be amazed how it will instantly glam up your space. This brass finish mirror looks elegant against the dark coloured wall, and the matching brass knobs add bonus style points to this bedroom.

Bookshelf styling tips

Styling a bookshelf is not easy and it’s even more challenging when you have a mishmash of books. There are a few tricks, you can use to help you get those picture perfect shelf looks you see in design magazines, TV shows and on Pinterest (my favourite).

Our love-hate relationship with sectional sofas

Sectional sofas – we love them because they’re nice and big and they’re perfect for the whole family to snuggle together to watch TV. On the other hand, we hate them because they’re big and bulky, take up lots of floor space and never fit perfectly centered against a wall.

How to hang a large canvas all by yourself

I love hanging stuff by myself because I don’t have to wait for anyone to help me. When I buy something for my walls I usually hang it up right away. None of that nonsense where things sit on the floor for weeks before it gets hung.

First, place your furniture then hang your art

When decorating, a room is not entirely finished until the art is up on the walls. It’s just like a pretty outfit is not complete without earrings or a necklace. But before you start hanging things up, think of your furniture layout first – it will make it easier to find the perfect spot for your art.

How to make large paint color samples

I usually start a painting project by shopping for colors, either looking at paint swatches from a DIY store or flipping through a color fan borrowed from a paint shop.