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Affordable Kids Room Refresh

This is my daughter’s newly decorated bedroom at the cottage. We painted the walls, moved the furniture around, hung some kids’ artwork and wow, what a difference it made! As you can see it was desperately in need of a makeover. When we bought our cottage, we literally unpacked our bags and started enjoying it the […]

IKEA Table Makeover with Paint

Can you believe it’s the same table? I was ready to give away this old IKEA table because it no longer fit in my decor. I’m sure glad I didn’t because I’m totally smitten with its new look in white. This is a simple makeover that delivers huge impact while barely spending any money.Lucky me, I […]

Last Picnic Before Fall Arrives

It’s crazy how quickly summer came and went.  In order to celebrate the change of season, I thought we’d have one last picnic before Fall sets in. I don’t know why, but food eaten outdoors often seems to taste better; it just is. I must say that a golden sandy beach, perfectly still lake and […]

Gallery Wall Tip: Foam Board Mock-ups

Often, it’s the fear of damaging our walls that discourages us from creating beautiful gallery style displays in our home. Hanging things up shouldn’t be this intimidating, that’s why I’m sharing this wall saving tip that only requires foam board and time. I’m working on a new gallery wall to hang above my sofa. I […]

Is it Time for a New Wall Display?

Decorating with clocks is an easy way to inject style into a space without spending much money. Here’s a cool wall display I created using clocks I’ve accumulated over time.At the cottage, I didn’t have enough space to dedicate a whole room as an office, instead I created a drop zone desk in the hallway […]

Big Box Store Wall Art

I like to think of hanging pictures as creating fashion for walls. Sometimes fashionable buys come from surprising places, so I wanted to share this simple yet elegant wall display I created using art from a big box store.This tall skinny wall in my daughter’s bedroom was begging for attention. The challenge was to find art that […]

Nature Inspired Bathroom Décor

This charming Bambi shower curtain was the décor inspiration for my black and white bathroom at the cottage. Since we’re surrounded by woods and lakes, we often see wildlife. This “dear” curtain was a creative way to bring the outdoors in and guarantee an animal sighting every single day.When decorating the bathroom, I had originally […]

Decorating With Maps

Hanging maps is a creative way to decorate walls without spending too much money. I listened to my own advice and added style to a big wall without a big price tag.   I picked up these maps at my local tourism office and inserted them into black IKEA frames. In addition to looking great, they’re […]

The Secret Behind This Trendy Layered Look

My original plan was to hang these frames in a gallery style on the wall behind my green and white striped sofa. But after propping them on the window sill, I fell in love with the trendy look of the layered frames, so I decided not to mess with something that’s already perfect.In addition to looking great on […]

Organizing Frames Before Hanging Them

If you’ve recently moved into a house, apartment or condo, or you’ve just finished painting your walls, you might need some help deciding which artwork to hang where. Here’s a picture hanging strategy that will save you time and headaches too. When unpacking, create what I call a PHP – a Picture Hanging Plan. Start by grouping like items together such as […]

What’s Hanging on Your Bathroom Walls?

I have flamingos on mine! I was looking for something fun and fresh with a tropical theme to hang on the bathroom walls of our cottage. Flamingos turned out to be the perfect decorating choice.The fact that flamingos are water birds with tall long skinny legs (envious) and that they happen to be so trendy right […]

How to Hang 3 Pictures Above a Couch

We can fly to the moon, yet we struggle to hang pictures. It’s hard to believe, but true.  To help you avoid any future struggles when hanging things up, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hang three pictures above a couch without any fear of ruining your walls. Start by getting all the tools […]

How to Make a Chalkboard

The chalkboard trend has been going strong for many years and judging by all the chalkboards that keep popping up in design magazines and TV shows, it’s here to stay a while longer. So, when I rediscovered an old picture frame I had bought at a garage sale years ago, guess what I did with it? […]

Backyard Oasis – a Little Piece of Paradise

Imagine coming home to your very own private oasis after a long tiring day.  It’s something I’ve been dreaming of for many years and I finally did it.  I transformed my tiny urban backyard deck into a little piece of paradise without breaking the bank or undergoing any major renovations – and I love it. Living […]

Crazy About Flamingos – a New Décor Trend

Flamingos are trendy? Really? Who knew?  If you’ve flipped through any décor magazines lately you’ve most likely spotted pictures of the long legged bird on furniture, cushions and other accessories for the home.  And, if you didn’t know about this new trend, going forward you’ll certainly notice it. After noticing images of flamingos on Pinterest, Instagram […]

Pretty Pastel Workspace

After a long cold winter, I was ready to freshen up my workspace with pretty pastel colors. I’m not usually a fan of soft candy colors, but I was inspired by the April issue of the Oprah magazine and decided it was time to inject some pastels into my life. A change of seasons is a […]

Get your front porch summer ready

This is my small urban front porch. It used to be a space that my husband and I would avoid, but now it’s a favorite spot to enjoy a cup of coffee on sunny mornings. Once I took the time to decorate my front porch for summer, we were keen to start making the most of it during the warmest months of the year.

Videos Galore: 60 Second Tips & More

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a good video must be worth 100,000. It’s just so much easier to envision an idea  or master a concept when it’s conveyed with both images and sound. That’s why we’ve decided to focus on creating more video content for you. We’ll be developing new clips every week and sharing them on our YouTube […]

How to make large paint color samples

I usually start a painting project by shopping for colors, either looking at paint swatches from a DIY store or flipping through a color fan borrowed from a paint shop. But honestly, choosing a color for your walls from such tiny teeny paint color chips is almost impossible. What I’d recommend is that once you’ve […]

Before-and-After Bedroom Makeover

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to take the time to freshen up your home décor by simply re-arranging the placement of your furniture and accessories. It’s kind of like giving your house a mini makeover by using things you already have, which is exactly what we did with this small bedroom. We created a designer look […]