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Are you a picture hanging procrastinator?

If you find yourself staring at a blank wall in your home, you’re not alone. When Jennifer over at the Clean and Scentsible blog wrote a feature on our picture hanging tools, we were reminded just how common it is for people to procrastinate about hanging things on their walls.

Can Hang & Level™ Impress a Smart Shopper?

Daphne Munro, the host of ABC 15’s Smart Shopper series, is always on the lookout for great deals and new products to try before her viewers decide whether to buy. She recently did just that with our Hang & Level – she wanted to test out whether it really makes picture hanging as easy as we say it does.

Thumbs Up from the Handyman

A professional handyman tries hundreds of tools, so when he gives something a thumbs up, it means a lot. That’s why we were so excited to hear how handyman Shawn Schmidt had done just that for our Hang & Level, Déco Hammer and Anchor Points.

Feedback Fun with Blondie and Dagwood

This classic comic strip makes us laugh every time. Blondie is clearly hinting that Dagwood needs help with picture hanging, but he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with his handiwork. Unlike Dagwood, we love hearing feedback – good, bad or surprising. It helps us understand what’s working and what’s not for our customers, enables us to improve, and even gives us ideas for using our products in new ways.

UTR Products Get a Cross-Country Workout

North, South, East and West; our picture hanging tools have really had a workout lately.

For a warm-up, Tyler Ryan from WACH-Fox TV took our products to a Lowe’s store in Columbia, North Carolina for his DIY Painting and Walls demonstration. Tyler was definitely impressed when he tried our CenterFinder, Hang & Level, Déco Nails and Déco Screws. He liked them so much that he wrote a full review on his blog, where he also championed our Déco Hammer and Anchor Points.

Hang & Level on the Marilyn Denis Show

Hey Marilyn Denis fans, did you see our picture hanging tool, Hang and Level on the July 3 episode of the popular show? We were thrilled to see Canadian Living Magazine designer Brett Walther give viewers some tips on how to display vacation photos and mention that Hang & Level was necessary to avoid getting […]

Stoppy Saves the Day

I say this all the time, it’s because I really mean it: we love hearing from you. So when we received this note recently from a customer, I just had to share it with you.  It’s about Stoppy®, our cute door stop. It helps keep any kind of door open, even the louvered sliding doors […]

In the News: Extra, Extra, Extra! Read All About It

We’ve had good news times three this month. We were happy to learn that two major newspapers and a leading magazine featured our products. Thanks to Tribune Newspapers, readers of both the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Press will find it much easier to hang artwork without having to do any math. Our CenterFinder™ was […]

Hang & Level Gets an A+

My co-workers’ sister, Nina, and her fellow teachers spruced up the walls of their Regina Christian School boardroom with the help of Hang & Level. We were so impressed with their display that we wanted to share. With the frames perfectly hung, their plan is to switch the pictures periodically to highlight the current activities […]

We Hung These in Minutes

Hanging pictures with your partner is certainly not most people’s favorite “around the house” job. In fact, for most it’s something that gets put off as long as possible, or at least until company comes over. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case for homeowners Ken and Shirley. They recently re-decorated their dining room and needed to re-hang […]

Our Anchor Points in House & Home Magazine

We always love it when the latest issue of House & Home magazine shows up at our office, but this week the arrival of the June issue was extra special for us. While we were flipping through the magazine the words “straighten up” caught our attention and we spotted our Anchor Points in the Style […]

What is Hang & Level?

Hang & Level is a tool we designed to help you hang pictures exactly where you want them on the first try. It’s super easy to use — you simply place your picture on the hook, find the right spot on the wall, press the button to mark where the nail goes, hammer the nail in, […]

Get the Hang of It — Hang & Level Featured in Swerve Magazine!

We’re thrilled to see our picture hanging tool featured in this weekend’s Swerve, a weekly magazine published by the Calgary Herald. Since we sell our products all over North America, few people know that we are based in Calgary, Alberta. Yes, all the UTR magic happens right here in beautiful Calgary! Swerve focuses on the […]

Hang & Level – Can I borrow it?

What’s the point of having good friends if they can’t help you hang your pictures? Our friend Tracy was visiting her friend Jackie, while Jackie was hanging some pictures in her home. Tracy said “I have the perfect tool to help you do that: Hang & Level!” From what we heard, Jackie’s last attempt at […]

CenterFinder Featured in the Charlotte Observer

We were thrilled to see the headline “Pretty cool: Tape Measure Shows You the Center Point” in the Charlotte Observer on February 6. This short article tells readers about our handy CenterFinder measuring tape, which eliminates the need to do math on the fly when you’re trying to find the middle between two points. The […]

Hanging Two Frames Perfectly Level

If the thought of hanging two frames so that they’re perfectly level scares you, don’t worry! We’re here to show you the easy way to do it. We chose this Valentines heart artwork because its very timely and we like to spread the love all year around. The hearts are cute, colourful, and cheerful, which […]

Throwback Thursday: Hang & Level Featured in Chez Soi Magazine

Today’s Throwback Thursday takes us to the beautiful Province of Quebec, which is especially near and dear to our hearts because that’s were Liette, the co-owner of Under the Roof Decorating, is from. We were featured in the November 2006 issue of Chez Soi Magazine — we can’t believe how much time has passed since […]

Dad of Divas Reviews Our Hang & Level

We’re always happy when bloggers and other writers share news of UTR’s products with their readership. We recently were featured on the Dad of Divas, a blog operated by Chris Lewis, a stay-at-home dad with two daughters. If you don’t know Dad of Divas, Chris started the blog to interact with other stay-at-home dads on […]

CenterFinder – Perfect Decorating Partner!

We think our wall decor solutions are pretty clever, but positive reviews from industry experts still make us all giddy! Here’s what the folks at HandyToolBox had to say about CenterFinder on January 24, 2014 in their blog post titled “Perfect Decorating Partner”: “It functions just like a standard tape measure, with a hook on […]