Do I need to hang my pictures on wall studs?

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Many people think that in order to safely hang a picture it must be on a wall stud, but the reality is, wall studs are rarely located where you need them to be. Architects and homebuilders don’t strategically place them where you’ll want to hang your artwork.

Remember, hanging pictures is all about common sense.

For lightweight items:

  • Anything light, including picture frames, canvases, shadow boxes, clocks, decorative plates etc… can be hung with a nail, hook or screw.  Be sure to choose one according to the weight of your piece.

For heavier items:

  • Large frames with a glass, mirrors, anything that feels heavy when you’re holding it against the wall will need extra hanging power.
  • Consider using 2 nails, hooks or screws for each piece, which will help equally distribute the weight.
  • In some cases, especially when dealing with large heavy mirrors, it’s best to use screws or wall anchors. They make larger holes in walls, but you need to think about safety first.

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8 thoughts on “Do I need to hang my pictures on wall studs?

  1. mark

    i am trying to hang a heavy mirror length wise and on one side it just misses the stud by a few inches…what can i do to hang it when this happens? any info would be so greatful!

  2. Liette Post author

    Hi Mark! I would definitely use a wall anchor/wall plug to safely secure your mirror on the wall where it misses the stud by a few inches. You can get them at any large DIY stores. Make sure to get a wall plug that will safely support the weight of your mirror. You can use a screw for the other side where it lines up with the stud. I hope this helps. Keep me posted on how it turns out.

  3. Liette Post author

    Hi Isabella! Yes, you can use our CanvasHangers with any size canvas, they hold up to 20lbs. From the picture you sent, it looks like your canvas is made of 4 panels, you’ll need 8 CanvasHangers in total – 2 per frame.

  4. Florence

    How heavy is TOO heavy for a painting to be hung using just nails or hooks? At what point do you need to look into using a wall anchor/plug?

  5. Liette Post author

    Hi Florence! If you’re referring to our Déco Nails, each nail can support up to 20 lbs. As for our Déco Screws, each screw can support up to 30 lbs. To make sure you buy the right nails or hooks for your wall decor, weigh your art so you know exactly how much it weighs. I know, it sounds silly but it’s really helpful. Have a look at this article I wrote on that topic. When shopping for any type of hanging hardware always make sure to check the packaging to see how much weight the hardware can handle. So knowing how much your art weighs will help you choose the appropriate hardware to safely hang your artwork. If your piece is large, heavy with a glass, and located in a busy traffic area, I’d recommend using wall anchors. They come in all sizes, choose the ones that can handle the weight of your piece. You’ll find more info in this article. Keep me posted on how your hanging project turns out.

  6. Florence

    If you are hanging a heavy painting or a mirror, what is better, deco screws or large deco hooks? thanks

  7. Liette Post author

    Hi Florence! Each Déco screw can support up to 30 lbs, and each large Déco Hook can support up to 40 lbs. If your mirror is fitted with 2 D-rings, I’d recommend using 2 Déco Hooks.

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