Does Your Artwork Fit In Its Space?

Use painters tape to mock up your art on the wall to make it's the right sizeIf you’re not sure whether a piece of artwork is the right size for your wall space, map it out with Painter’s Tape just like we did here. This will help you visualize and instantly confirm if the dimensions are right. It’s easy to do and you’ll be amazed at how well it works.

Before you head out shopping for art, size up the space where you want to hang your piece with tape, write down the dimensions, take a picture and carry the information with you. It’ll save you tons of time and end the risk of getting something too small or too big for the space you need to fill.

Is this a tip you’d use?  Let us know in the comment box below — we’d love to know!

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4 thoughts on “Does Your Artwork Fit In Its Space?

  1. Miriam St. John

    I went out and bought the tape immediately. This is a good idea. It helped me to position a painting 47 inches x 35 inches. Very nice.

  2. Liette Post author

    Hi Miriam. I’m so glad to hear that this tip helped you position your painting. Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re enjoying the Holidays!

  3. cindy

    Hello could you take the time to help me with a problem. My picture is 59 inches high and if put behind couch would be about 6 inches lower than the couch due to a trim around ceiling. The bottom of the picture is just the start of flower stems and it has no frame and they are 3 pieces to look like one. Can this work for me no no when hanging art work. Thank you Cindy

  4. Liette Post author

    Hi Cindy – Your pieces are very tall and they might end up looking “squeezed” between the couch and the ceiling trim (moulding). Your pictures would look better and be more appreciated in a room where there’s more wall space. With that said, have a look at the following link where you’ll see creative hanging solutions for large pieces. I hope this helps, please keep me posted on what you decide.

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