How to Hang Pictures in a Bedroom

The focal point of every bedroom is the bed and what’s hanging above it, so it’s important to pick your artwork carefully. You can create a grouping, or choose to feature one special piece as we show in these examples:
4 examples of artwork hung over a bed

What should I hang above my bed?
Hang things you love and bring you a sense of calm and serenity. Try abstract paintings, prints of nature or landscapes, black and white images or even nude art, for your eyes only.

Size It Right…
To create balance, your artwork (or grouping) should be at least 2/3 the length of the headboard. The shape doesn’t matter, it could be square, vertical, horizontal, round or oval as long as it’s the right size to counterbalance the headboard.

How High / How Low?
As a general rule, the bottom of your frame should hang 8” to 10” above the headboard. If you hang your artwork any higher it will look like it’s floating away from the headboard instead of being connected to it.

Tip: To make centering your artwork easier, mark both the center of your headboard and the middle of the bottom of the frame with a small piece of painter’s tape. Using Hang & Level, lift your frame approximately 8 – 10 inches from the headboard lining up the 2 pieces of tape. Works like a charm!

Use the right hardware…

  • Safety is key when hanging a heavy piece. Be sure it’s fastened securely to avoid an accident.
  • Use wall anchors or use 2 picture hooks or nails to secure your piece properly.
  • Place Anchor Points on the bottom corners of your frame to keep it in place and straight.

Avoid this common mistake!
example of a picture hanging too high above a bed and a picture hanging perfectly above a bed
Don’t center your picture between the top of the headboard and the ceiling. It’ll end up hanging too high and look as if it’s floating. It’s best to visually connect your artwork to the furniture below.



Hang & Level™ makes hanging your pictures quick and easy, and marks exactly where the nails goes on the first try.
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76 thoughts on “How to Hang Pictures in a Bedroom

  1. Bedderz

    Hi, I’m about to put a landscape pic above my bed, question is do I make sure it’s in the middle of the bed or the wall, as the bed is off centre, further to the right as the I have a wardrobe that means the bed and bedside cabinets have moved to the right by about a foot. I’m guessing I position the picture in line with the bed and not the wall??

  2. Liette Post author

    Hi Bedderz! You’re absolutely right! Art is an extension of your furniture so always center your wall décor with the furniture sitting below even if it is off-centered. In your case, hang your landscape picture so it’s centered with your headboard. Hope this helps!

  3. Alice Dressler

    Now I know the correct way to hang a piece of art over a headboard, but I have a question. The distance from the top of my headboard to the ceiling is 43″. Knowing this and going with the rule that the bottom of the painting should be placed about 8″ from the top of the headboard, what would be a good height for a painting (I do not want the top of the painting to be too close to the ceiling)? In other words, what is the maximum height the top of a painting can be from the ceiling without it looking too awkward? Thanks so much!

  4. Liette Post author

    Great question Alice! Keep in mind that hanging art 8″ from the headboard is only a guideline. If you have a low ceiling, it’s more important to hang your piece closer to the headboard than to the ceiling – otherwise, it will look awkward as you mentioned.

  5. Sharon Mitchell

    I have a four-poster bed and I’m currently shopping for a piece of art to hang over the headboard. I’ve read the general rules about it needing to be 2/3 the width of the headboard and to “ground” the artwork close to the headboard. The particular piece I have in mind would extend about12-14 inches above the height of the posts. I do have high ceilings, so the piece would be closer to the bed than the ceiling. Are there any rules of thumb to follow in this area?

  6. Liette Post author

    Hi Sharon! Unfortunately there’s no rule of thumb to follow to answer your question. I don’t know how tall your bed posts are but considering that you have high ceilings hanging a piece of art that extends over the posts will look great. It will visually counter-balance the size of the bed and will create a great focal point for your bedroom. As you mentioned, “ground” your piece to the headboard to make sure it’s connected to it versus floating away from it. I hope this helps.

  7. Wanda Mallard

    I have a framed canvas that I want to hang over my bed. The top of my headboard is 47″ from the ceiling. The picture I want to hang is 29″ tall and approximately 40″ long. S the picture too big

  8. Liette Post author

    Hi Wanda! Your canvas is not too big to hang above your headboard. Hang it so its bottom hangs approximately 6″ away from the top of the headboard, you’ll still have 12″ of wall space between the ceiling and top of your artwork. It’s always best to have your artwork anchored closer to furniture than to the ceiling. I hope this helps. I’d love to see a picture once your canvas is up.

  9. Wanda Mallard

    I hung the picture and it looks good. Not sure how I can attach a picture for you to view.

  10. Liette Post author

    Hi Wanda – check your mail, I sent you an email address for you to send your picture to me. I can’t wait to see it, I’m sure it looks great.

  11. Helen Prickett

    Thanks for advice. Love hanging pictures, but never sure where to put them- This will help tremendously…………….

  12. Kelly

    I recently moved into a new home and would like to hang a picture I have in our livingroom. However I am not sure where to hang this picture. If I send you a photo of the room and picture could you provide me a little advice?

  13. Liette Post author

    Kelly – I’d be happy to help you. Send me a picture, and congrats on your new home.

  14. Karen

    I don’t have a headboard on my bed. The bed stands appx 29″ tall. My ceiling is 106″.
    The picture I want to hang is 40″ top to bottom. Not sure where I should hang it. Any suggestions?

  15. Liette Post author

    Hi Karen! First determine the look you want when the bed is made i.e. will you prop up the pillows and lean them against the wall? If yes, hang your artwork a few inches from the top of your pillows making sure it hangs closer to the pillows than to the ceiling. Another look is to use your artwork as a headboard. In this case, hang your piece close to the bed. Before getting started, have a look at this link where you’ll find lots of bedroom/bed/headboard inspiration Hope this helps and please keep me posted on what you decide to do.

  16. Edward Stewart

    Hi Ms Post,
    I have two pictures I want to hang above my bed they are 42×42 inches, my head board is 66 inches long. What would you suggest on how to hang the pictures or should I hang one or both pictures?


  17. Liette Post author

    Hi Stewart! You can hang one picture and/or both. The two looks would be completely different. If you decide to hang only one, center it with your headboard. If you hang two, hang them side by side and levelled to each other. The total width of the frames will be larger than your headboard but will be anchored by your night tables. It’d be nice to hang both pieces since they’re the same size and probably have a similar art theme. Large scale art is very trendy so if you want to hang both, it could be an interesting look for your space. Have a look at my Pinterest link on bedrooms, you’ll find examples of both looks which might give you some great design inspiration. Hope this helps.

  18. Edward Stewart

    Hi Ms Post,
    Thanks so much…your advice helped me a lot and it’s much appreciated.
    Again thanks…

  19. Bhavya Mehta

    The distance from the top of my headboard to the ceiling is 48″. The painting i am looking for comes with two options.

    First option – 48 in wide by 24 in tall. Second Option – 48 in wide by 35 in tall.

    Assuming, I hang the picture 8in above headboard, the first option will give 16 in space between ceiling and top of painting,and the second option will give 5 in of space between ceiling and top of painting.

    Which option should I go for?

  20. Liette Post author

    Hi Bhavya…sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I think both options would look very good. The 8 inch rule is only a guideline and can be tweaked depending on the size and shape of art you’re hanging. Which look do you like the best? The tallest frame would definitely create more impact if that’s what you want and you could simply hang it close to your headboard versus hanging too close to the ceiling. Have a look at my bedroom board on Pinterest where you’ll see lots of photos of art hanging above headboards, it might help you decide on what’s best for your space. Please keep me posted on which option you end up choosing.

  21. Erica Delisle

    Hello, I would like to know the proper way/height to hang/layer a shelf and a picture above a bed. The bed is a double, the headboard is approx. 54 inches wide, the shelf is approx. 47 inches wide and the depth is 11 inches, and the picture is 40 inches wide. I am not sure how high to hang the shelf above the headboard, does the 8-10 inch rule apply to a shelf with an 11 inch depth? Also, how high should I hang the painting above the shelf? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

  22. Liette Post author

    Hi Erica – the best way to determine how high to hang your shelf is to sit on your bed, lean against the headboard and hold a book above your head that is the same width as your shelf to get a feel for how much clearance you would comfortably need between your shelf and “head”. Your picture is 40″ wide but I don’t know how tall it is and how high your ceiling is. Once your shelf is up, rest your picture on it and if it feels like it’s close to the ceiling you might decide not to hang it. Knowing what accessories you’ll be displaying on your shelf will also help in deciding of the height for your picture. Are you planning to display pretty boxes, candles, books etc… Have a look at this link to see images of walls shelves hanging above headboards. I hope this helps! Please keep me posted on how you end up hanging your shelf and picture, I’m sure other readers would love to know too!

  23. Karen

    Hi, this is so helpful! Thank you very much for having this available to help those who would otherwise live lives of under-decorated doubt, confusion and panic!!!! Seriously, this has helped to decide what to do with the wall above our 4 poster rice bed. I have 3 antique botanical prints, all framed alike, and the space above feels a little naked, but having a 2nd row of 3 or 2 more prints feels too heavy. I’ve purchased color friendly vintage plates and will hang those in a row above the prints, all floral and all of a similar style. This will probably end up in a pyramid shape, but the framed prints along the bottom will anchor the lighter weight plates above. I think I like it! Thanks again!

  24. Liette Post author

    Hi Karen! It sounds like you have a great plan. I’d love to see a picture of your room when it’s done, I’m sure it’s going to look lovely. Just in case you need a little more wall decorating inspiration before getting started on your project, have a look at these great bedroom images. Happy picture hanging!


    1. The picture I want to hang is exactly as wide as the headboard, 5 feet wide. I do have end tables.

    2. The picture is 6 inches from the headboard and 6 inches from the ceiling. Is it too tall?

    3. In general is my picture too big for the space?

  26. Liette Post author

    Hi Gus – large scale art is very trendy and would create a great focal point in your room. Instead of hanging it in the middle of the wall, I would hang it closer to the headboard, approximately at 4inches if it works. When dealing with large pieces, the hanging height varies. Have a look at our Pinterest board to see great photos of large scale art hanging in bedrooms, you might find great inspiration for your own house. I also often recommend mapping out your art with Painter’s tape to confirm if a piece of art is the right size before hanging it. Have a look at this article I wrote a while ago, you might find it very helpful. Please keep me and our readers posted on what you end up doing. It sounds like a great hanging project.

  27. Deborah Costello

    I have 2 pictures; one is vertical, the other horizontal and different sizes, but rather large. Hanging, they are the same width as the headboard.Should I try it over the headboard anyway or do you have another suggestion?

  28. Liette Post author

    Hi Deborah – it sounds like your 2 pictures would be the perfect size to hang above your headboard. If possible, map out your pieces with painter’s tape to help confirm the size before hanging them like I did here Before you get started, have a look at pictures of bedroom walls I pinned on Pinterest, you might find great ideas that you could re-create in your bedroom Please keep me posted of what you end up deciding.

  29. Liette Post author

    Hi Lisa – the amount of spacing to leave between frames varies depending on the style and shape of your frames, and the overall look you’re after. You don’t have to hang your frames within the width of your headboard. If you feel that more then 10 to 12 inches is needed between your pictures, go over the edges. Have a look at this link where you’ll see lots of examples of artwork hanging above headboards. Also, if needed, you can map out the size of your frames using Painter’s tape like I did in the following article. You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll be able to determine the amount of spacing needed. I’d love to hear what you end up deciding.

  30. Lisa

    I have a king size sleigh bed and I want to hang 2 like midsize artwork above it. With following all of your rules about hanging artwork I still have one question? how far apart do I hang the pictures? I can get them up to 10 – 12 inches apart and still keep them within the edges of the headboard…or do I need to keep them withing the edges of the headboard? Thank you!!

  31. Liette Post author

    Hi Christine – Your oil painting is not too large. Although I usually recommend leaving 8 to 10in between the headboard and bottom of a picture frame in your case, you could hang your oil closer to your headboard to allow more wall space between the top of your art and ceiling. Another option is to hang it in the middle of the wall as you mentioned with 2in of wall space at the top. Have a look at this link where you’ll find lots of great examples of artwork hanging over poster beds. Please keep me posted on what you end up deciding.

  32. Christine N

    I have a beautiful oil I was thinking of hanging over my large king poster bed My ceiling is a tray ceiling. I only have 4 inches to spare from my headboard to the bottom of the tray ceiling. Is this oil too large since if centered it will be two inches from the lower tray of the ceiling ?

  33. Amelita

    Hi Liette!

    Thank you for this post! I’m finally decorating my room like an ADULT (just turned 28, so it’s time, I suppose), and I painted an accent wall behind my bed, which has a headboard. To the left of the headboard about 8 inches-ish above the top of it I have a small hanging shelf, and then to the right, a new (yay!) lamp that has a horizontal line at about that same level. So, I figure that’s about where I should line up the bottom of the art I want to hang.

    So here is my question: I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful canvas that is in portrait orientation. Following the 2/3 rule, it seems that the width will have to be about 40″, which would make the height too big for the room (and my wallet) I believe, probably bringing it closer to the crown molding than the headboard. How much smaller do you think I can go without it looking awkward? I’m nervous about hanging a portrait-oriented piece above the bed as it is, but I really love the canvas and would like to try to make it work.

    Thank you so much!

  34. Liette Post author

    Hi Amelita – Congrats on your new “Adult room”! When I have trouble figuring out the size of a piece, I usually map out its measurements using Painter’s tape. It’s amazing how well it works and how quickly it helps confirm if a piece is the right size or not. Have a look at this article to see how to do it Also, have a look at my Pinterest bedroom board where you’ll see lots of examples of oversized art hanging above headboards. You might find a look that could work in your bedroom. Please keep me posted on what you end up deciding.

  35. John D.

    I have a question. I have a queen size bed in a small room. The bed is in the corner, up against the wall. Besides the picture over the headboard, I want to hang some pictures (21 x 25 vertical frames) and the wall on the side of the bed. How far above the mattress should they be? Or should I hang them in relation to the center-headboard picture (e.g. I could hang them all the same distance from the ceiling). Thanks.

  36. Liette Post author

    Hi John – you don’t have to hang your vertical frames in relation to the one already hanging above the headboard. It’s a separate wall and can be addressed differently. Since your frames are of the same size, I would hang them level to each other. As for the height,it can vary depending of the look you’re after. Make the bed including throw pillows, comforters etc…hang your frames so they clear the bedding. With that said, it’s best to have your frames closer to the bed than to the ceiling to visually connect the bed and art together. If you want to map out your display with Painter’s tape, it will help you determine the perfect height for your frames. See how to do it here:

  37. Diane

    Hi, can we hang a picture that is wider than the bed? by a few inches on each side ? and yes there are night stands?

  38. Joanna

    Hi Liette,I just moved into a new apartment.It’s not a big space,but I feel I can improve it.Need somebody to help me a bit,cose right now I feel little confused.I live in Greece so the place might be a diffrent style and type you used to.Would you help me out?I have to decide for the wall colours and don’t know where is a good spot for the art.

  39. Liette Post author

    Hi Joanna – congrats on your new apartment. Since your space is small and located in a country where summers are hot and dry, I would suggest painting your walls white. It will make your space appear bigger than it is, it will also feel airy and fresh. Have a look at Benjamin Moore’s Simply White which happens to be their 2016 color of the year. I wrote an article recently about my cottage that I painted all white (and love it), have a look Another option is to go to a paint store and ask for advice. Make sure to bring pictures of your space to get as much info as possible from the color experts. Once your walls are painted, then you can decide where to hang your art. I hope this helps. Please keep me posted on your decorating project.It’s exciting!

  40. Deb

    Hi Liette, I have a large new bedroom with a wide, narrow shuttered window over the bedhead and two small shuttered window on the adjacent wall. I also have two beautiful prints that I want to put up in the room (approx 1metre x .6m) each. There is enough room on the sides of the window above the bed, but I am unsure if this would be the best place. The wall opposite the bed could be used, but obviously the pictures are not seen when walking into the room. The room is 4.5m x 5.5 metres.

  41. Liette Post author

    Hi Deb – I agree, your prints would create a beautiful focal point in your bedroom. I posted some images of narrow windows above headboards at this link Hopefully there’s a wall display similar to what you’re looking for that might inspire a design for your own wall space. To help you determine if pictures fit your wall space, I’d recommend mapping out the size of your prints with Painter’s Tape just like I’ve done here You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll be able to tell if the art works in the space or not. Please keep me posted on what you end up deciding.

  42. Jeffrey

    Hi Liette, I have a small bedroom with my bed at the corner of the room as I have another roommate with his own bed, my headboard size is 50 inch with one bedside table of 21 inch, I have a 3 canvas painting which I wish to hang, they are 19.5×19.5 inch each. May I know if it is too big to hang? And the spacing required between each pieces. Would like some suggestion from you. Thank you.


  43. Liette Post author

    Hi Jeffrey – I have a few options for you. Hang your 3 canvases in a horizontal row centered with the total width of your headboard and bedside table. The spacing between each piece will depend on how much wall space you want to cover. Option #2: Centre and hang 2 of the canvases with your headboard leaving 4″ or so between each. Hang the 3rd one above your bedside table. They could all hang at the same height, or hang the one above your bedside table lower to visually connect the two together. Last option, hang 2 above your headboard and centred, hang the 3rd one on the adjacent wall at the same height. This picture hanging option is called corner art. I hope this helps. For more bedroom inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest board where you’ll find lots of images Please keep me posted on what you end up doing.

  44. Sharon

    If you don’t have a headboard and you have a piece of scroll artwork the length of the bed that you want to hang above your bed how high above the mattress do you hang the scroll wrought iron piece

  45. Jeffrey

    Hi Liette,
    Sorry for the long delay, I end up doing option 1, centered with the total width of headboard+bedside table. It works out okay. Corner art didn’t work out for me as the balcony is on the other side.
    Let me know if you would like to see the pictures.
    Its not perfect but it looks great

  46. Liette Post author

    Great question Sharon! I’ve written an article about Creating a headboard with pictures that will help answer your question. For instance, if you like sitting in bed to read, you’ll want to avoid hanging your piece too low, to avoid leaning on it when reading. In addition to the tips shared in the above article, you could also map out your piece with painter’s tape to help find the right hanging height like I’ve done here. It works amazingly well. Please keep me posted on what you end up doing.

  47. Heide

    I have a king sized bed with curved iron headboard. Top of headboard is only 30.5″ from ceiling. I have a frameless canvas that is 23.5 high and 31 wide. Since the width of the headboard is 79″ wide i think that by itself the picture will be too small (width wise) and possible too high.
    Could I put two smaller framed prints 18×18″ on either size. All three pictures have white flowers of approx same scale so think that would work. Just not sure about the sizes and mixing framed and frameless together on one wall. I do have photos, just not sure how to send to you.
    Have to enjoyed reading your many posts and helpful hints.

  48. Liette Post author

    Hi Heide! Since your iron headboard is so close to the ceiling why not let it be the pretty focal point of the room? Hang your artwork above your end tables or on an adjacent wall. Would that work? Have a look at some images of curved headboards here.

  49. Sally

    I have a bed. headboard is 43 in tall with small “posts on the edges of the headboard. They are 6.5 ” tall. I am hanging a large frame above the bed. My question is,do i measure the 8-10 inches from the posts or the straight part of the headboard. Its heavy SO I cannot just hold it and make a decision as to which looks better

  50. Liette Post author

    Hi Sally – hang your large frame in relation to the headboard. Depending on how high your ceiling is, you could hang it higher than 8 to 10 inches from the headboard. Have a look at this link for images of headboards and art, you’ll find great design ideas. Since your piece is heavy, you could map out its dimensions before hanging it. Use painter’s tape like I’ve done here, it works like a charm. I hope this helps, please keep me posted on what you end up doing.

  51. Jenny

    Hi Liette,

    Your post is so helpful! I have a 5 piece canvas (12 x 36 each). My king headboard is 84 in wide. Height from top of headboard to ceiling is 84in. So the space is essentially 84w x 56h. Do you think it is too large? I have 2 night stands also. Also I wondered about the spacing for top and bottom (10-10 vs 8-12) and also the space in between… My wall is bluish-grayish color. Here is the link to the art piece.

  52. Liette Post author

    Hi Jenny – beautiful canvas, very bright and colorful! I don’t think a display of 5 canvas is too large. You have a large wall space to fill and you could spill over the end tables if you wanted to. As for your spacing your pieces, it really depends on the look you’re after. Do you want the canvases to hang close together or with more breathing space in between each? To help determine the amount of spacing, place your pieces on the floor and play with the spacing. It will make it easier to determine how much wall to show between each canvas. If you’re looking for bedroom inspiration, have a look at this link where you’ll find lots of photos of headboards and art. Please keep me posted on what you end up deciding.

  53. roni


    I moved to a new apartment and in my bedroom there is a parquet flooring (the color is gray) a wardrobe (light braun color) and a bed (it is made of light green soft material, I forgot the name). All the walls are white and I am not planning on painting them.

    I will replace the bed in the future but the floor and wardrobe are here to stay.

    I want to hang photos above the bed and also on the wall on the side of the bed. I need some suggestions for type and colors of photos. Maybe I can get some help here?

  54. Liette Post author

    Congrats Roni on your new apartment! The first thing to do is to find some inspiration for your new dream bedroom. Check my Pinterest board where you’ll find lots of photos of bedrooms. Browsing through pictures will help you find and focus on a style and feel that is right for your lifestyle. You might even find the perfect look for your space that you can recreate with your existing furnishings and artwork.

  55. Rita Miller

    Hi Liette – Our headboard is 69″ long and 63 1/2″ tall. The distance between the headboard and the 9′ soffit is 44 1/2″. We are wanting to hang two pictures that are 24 1/4″ X 24 1/4″ which includes the frame. We were thinking of having only 6″ between the bottom of the pictures and the headboard. Do you think this would work and do you have any tips we should take into consideration?

  56. Liette Post author

    Hi Rita – Leaving 6″ to 8″ between the bottom of your pictures and headboard will work. As mentioned in this blog post, you want to avoid hanging your frames right in the middle of the wall space between the ceiling and top of the headboard. For more bedroom inspiration, have a look at this link, where I’ve posted lots of great photos of art hanging above headboards.

  57. ashley

    Hi, I have a king size bed and would like to use a canvas art work piece as my head board but i am having trouble figuring out the proper dimensions it should be. the bed is 6 ft long and i was thinking of going 4 ft high but its very hard to find canvas or frames that size. what do you suggest?

  58. Liette Post author

    Hi Ashley – I was at IKEA recently and saw quite a few large canvas that were 55″ wide. Have a look at this link. You could also hang 2 picture frames side by side to cover the amount of wall space you want or even hang a grouping of smaller pieces. Take a look at this link, you’ll see lots of photos of art hanging in bedrooms. You might find a look that would be perfect for your space that you could recreate. Please keep me posted on what you decide.

  59. fiona

    I have a 3 piece canvas print to hang above my king bed. Should the three pieces be hang within the perametre of the width of the bed or should the 3 pieces be centred to the wall?

  60. Liette Post author

    Hi Fiona! Your art is an extension of your furniture so hang your 3 canvasses in relation to your headboard not the wall. That said, if your prints are quite large, the total width of the arrangement can spill over the width of the headboard. Have a look at this link for more art hanging inspiration.

  61. Sierra

    Hi, I am hoping to hang two framed prints side by side above my headboard. I am getting ready to purchase the prints and am curious what size would be best for the prints (I have a queen size bed)? I have a wood wall so I don’t want them to be too big, but want them to make a statement.

  62. Liette Post author

    Hi Sierra! There are lots of options. I’d recommend starting by looking at this link to get some decor inspiration for your bedroom. You might find a look that would be perfect for your space that you could re-create in your home.

  63. Kay

    Hi Liette,

    I would like to surprise my parents by purchasing a canvas art print to hang right above their headboard. They really love nature, so I was thinking about finding a relaxing mountaintop picture of some sort. However, their headboard is not flat or horizontal. It is has an arch like a rainbow and has two pillars on each side. Do you think that this style headboard will look odd with a straight-edged canvas print? I just can’t picture the two together. I feel like there would be an imbalance, because they won’t be parallel or symmetrical to one another. What do you think? Am I just being too picky? Any advice you have would be wonderfully appreciated. Thank you in advance!

  64. Liette Post author

    Hi Kay – There are actually lots of options of wall décor to hang above an arched headboard, but I agree it’s hard to visualize how they’d look in a specific space. Have a look at this link where I’ve posted images of round mirrors hanging over round headboards, a gallery wall hanging behind a headboard, art hanging above night tables versus over a headboard to create a different focal point, hanging a gorgeous chandelier that complements the headboard in lieu of artwork above the bed, or even hanging a patterned wallpaper only behind the headboard to create a feature wall. Have a look at the pictures and please let me know if you think any of the looks would work in your parents’ bedroom.

  65. Debbie

    Good morning from the mountains of North Carolina. I have a standard eight-foot ceiling. I would like to hang a shelf over my queen size bed and headboard. I am not sure how high to place the shelf and I’m especially not sure how wide the shelf should be. Should it be as wide as the bed, shorter or longer? I have a metal headboard which is 48″ high leaving 40 inches between the top of the headboard and the bottom of crown moulding. Thank you so much for your assistance! It is greatly appreciated!

  66. Liette Post author

    Hello Debbie from beautiful North Carolina! Good question, and the answer is that it depends on the look you’re after. The shelf can be the same width as your headboard, shorter, or it can run the entire length of the wall. Knowing what you will display on the shelf is a good starting point. Have a look at this link where you’ll see various design ideas on how to display shelves above headboards. It might help you find the perfect look for your space, one that could recreate in your room. Let me know if this helps.

  67. Sevvy

    I have a 3 ft high x 5.5 ft wide drawers in my bedroom facing to the left of my king size bed and I would like to hang a framed mirror of the same dimensions but I’m not sure how high to hang it. Could you please help?

  68. Liette Post author

    Hi Sevvy – The best way to determine the right height to hang a mirror is by having someone hold your mirror up while you step back to assess the height. You want to be able to see the top of your head from various distances – close to the dresser and from further away. I would do that with shoes on and without especially if that’s the mirror you use to check yourself in before heading out of the house. With that said, your mirror could hang anywhere from a couple of inches from the top of the dresser to more. Have a look at this link to get some design ideas before you hang your mirror. Let me know if this helps.

  69. Daniel

    Hi Liette,

    I have 2 wall sconces. My queen size bed is a bit to the right of its center (and the center of the room) in order to accommodate my dresser. Should my artwork be centered between the sconces, or should it be centered above the headboard? Please be aware that the bottom of the sconces are only 6″ from the highest part (center) of the headboard.


  70. Liette Post author

    Hi Daniel – creating a gallery wall using art of different sizes and shapes might help take the focus away from the off-centered sconces and bed. Have a look at this link where you’ll find creative ideas and inspiration of what could be done in your space. Would you consider creating a gallery wall?

  71. Jessica

    I have a really nice canvas picture I want to hang above my bed. To the left of my bed is a window and on the wall next to that window there is anothwr window. Making the left corner windows. To the left of my bed there is alot of walk space. Would it look ok to leave it empty or should I put somwthing on the wall there too. If so any advice on how I would hang pictures or anything there without it looking funny?

  72. Liette Post author

    Hi Jessica – it sounds like your canvas is very nice so hang it above your bed, you could add wall sconces on either side to create a strong focal point. The design goal is to detract from the windows, so use pretty night tables and lamps to help enhance your focal point, your canvas art. Take a look at my bedroom Pinterest board, you’ll find lots of great decor inspiration that might help too.

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