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Three Looks to Hang Picture Frames in a Staircase

3 options for hanging pictures in a staircase

When it comes to hanging pictures in a staircase, there is no right or wrong. It’s all a matter of personal decorating style, your staircase design and the pieces you wish to display. Here are some options:


hanging a single large picture in a staircase
Make a Statement with a Single Piece

Why choose this look:

  • If your space is monochromatic, give it a splash of color with a large piece like this one. The effect is energizing.
  • Find inspiration for accessories and furnishings from the colors in your artwork.
  • Make sure the piece you’re hanging is a favorite. It’ll be the first thing guests notice and will become a real conversation piece.
How-To: For best results, have someone hold your piece on the wall while you stand back and have a look. For both vertical and horizontal pieces, they will look best when their centers hang approximately 60” from the floor.


3 pictures hanging in staggered pattern up a staircase
Staggered Artwork up the Stairs
Why choose this look:

  • This hanging technique works best with pictures of a similar frame, in identical matting, with the same theme.
  • Make sure your frames aren’t too small so you can enjoy them from a distance.
  • Be aware of the banister and make sure it doesn’t detract from the arrangement. View it from the most common vantage point in the room.
How-To: A good rule of thumb is to hang a piece every 3 steps (depending on their size), starting from the first step. When standing on the stairs, hang your art 60” from the top of the step to the centre of your art – keep the same height throughout the arrangement and all the pieces will be perfectly aligned & staggered.


a gallery of pictures with a variety of fames hanging in a staircase
Photo Gallery using Different Frames
Why choose this look:

  • If your space is casual and eclectic and you own lots of family pictures or photographs, this is a great display option.
  • The staircase is the perfect space to showcase all your family photos which gives you a chance to reminisce and celebrate life every time you use the stairs.
  • Although this look can be very busy, you’ll create a harmonious feel as your pictures share the same theme.

How-To: Start by hanging a grouping in the middle of the wall in your staircase. Hang a large piece in the center to anchor the arrangement. Hang the grouping following the line of your banister or hang everything horizontally to fill the space. The beauty of this look is you can keep adding to it as you wish and without breaking any rules – because there are none.

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