Keeping Picture Frames Straight

Dusting frames

Are crooked pictures one of your pet peeves?

There are few things more frustrating than having to adjust or straighten your pictures on a daily basis. After spending so much time choosing and carefully hanging the perfect artwork on your walls, all you want is for it to consistently stay straight and look great. The answer to this common problem is our very own Anchor Points. All you have to do is stick them to the bottom corners of your frames and push the pins into the wall to anchor your frames. Your artwork will stay straight even when you’re dusting or when kids or teenagers are slamming doors!


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4 thoughts on “Keeping Picture Frames Straight

  1. Jamarcus Dantley

    I feel like I can be pretty OCD sometimes. Having a crooked picture can drive me nuts! It does get frustrating having to keep straightening them over and over again. I really like your tip about keeping them straight all the time. I think I’ll have to do the same to mine!

  2. Liette Post author

    Hi Jamarcus – that’s why we came up with a product such as the Anchor Points – to put an end to have to straighten frames over and over again which is so frustrating. I’m glad you like the tip. Please let me know if you get a chance to try them out.

  3. Lillian Canada

    I live in Asia. The walls are cement. The housekeeper dusts well and all the time. Pictures hang crooked daily… I am at my wits end. Anchor points sound lovely but impractical for cement walls in other countries.

    I have tried two sided sticky tape rolls at the bottom corners, but the humidity prevents the sticky tape from lasting more than a few days.

    Any ideas??

  4. Liette Post author

    Hi Lillian – Too bad you can’t use Anchor Points, they’re definitely the best at keeping frames straight on a wall. Have you tried rubber bumpers? Have a look at this link If your frames are fitted with picture wire, keep it very tight to prevent pictures from shifting like I explain here . You could also use double sided velcro tape Let me know if any of these solutions might work.

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