Déco Hooks

Picture hanging hooks, no tools needed.

Déco Hooks - picture hanging hooks you simply push and twist into the wall.

The best part about the Déco Hooks is that you don't even need tools to install them, just your fingers. Simply push and twist the nail through the drywall until its head is flush to the wall. Simple, fun and it takes only seconds to install.

Super strong

They come in 2 different head sizes (small & large) and support up to 20 or 40 lbs.

No tools needed

There's no need for a hammer, you simply push & twist the hooks through the drywall with your fingers and you're done.

Smart design

Their unique head shape works with any picture hanging hardware including wire, sawtooth hooks, D-rings and keyholes.

Easy to use

The hooks make it quick and easy to hang pictures, mirrors, clocks and other items around the house.

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