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Placing frames on a wall. Measured out for perfect fit and easy hanging.

Hang & Level
Makes picture hanging easy

Using Hang & Level with all type of hardware attached to the frames. Sawtooh, D-Ring, Wire and Keyhole.
Works with all types of hardware
Using Hang & Level to find the level where you want it. Pressing to mark where the nail goes with a unique feature.
Press to mark
where the
nail goes
Using Hang & Level to find the level where you want it. Pressing to mark where the nail goes with a unique feature.
Hang groups of pictures quickly and easily

Hang & Level™

The picture hanging tool that saves time, walls and relationships

Marks exactly where the nail goes
The most frustrating part about hanging pictures is finding the right spot for the nail or hook without making extra holes in your walls. Hang & Level eliminates that frustration by marking the exact location for the nail without any measurements or damage to your walls.

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Lining up pictures vertically, horizontally or in a grouping can be a real tour de force. Hang & Level makes it easy by allowing you to hold your picture frame against the wall to see what it will look like before you even hammer in the first nail.
You no longer have to figure out how to hang picture frames fitted with different hardware. The Hang & Level, single and double hook system works with all types of hardware such as picture wire, sawtooth hooks, D-rings and keyholes.
The V-notch at the top of the tool allows you to safely hang large or heavy pictures. Simply trace the V with a pencil, remove frame and tool from the wall. Return the tool without the frame to the wall and line up the bottom of the V-notch with the mark you made.
Hanging groups of frames together can be a real nightmare, but Hang & Level makes it simple. Because you see exactly where the picture will end up on the wall, lining it up with other frames in the group is a breeze.
Some people put off hanging pictures as long as they can because they're afraid of damaging their walls with mistake holes. Since Hang & Level allows you to hold your picture against the wall before hammering any nails in, you can find the perfect spot on the first try.

If using a nail Hammer the nail directly into the mark made by Hang & Level.

If using a picture hook Align the bottom edge of the hook with the mark made by Hang & Level and secure the hook to the wall.

1 Place
your picture on the hook(s).
2 Position
your picture and tool on the wall. Find the right spot. Remove the picture without moving the tool.
3 Press
the button(s) to mark exactly where the nail(s) goes.
4 Hammer
the nail(s) into the wall.
5 Hang
your picture and then level it using the tool.
6 Repeat
to create groupings of pictures.

Hang & Level