Thrifty chic décor – Decorating with straw hats

All these hats used to sit on a shelf in the front closet of our family cottage. In addition to taking up valuable space I was afraid they might get damaged. So, I decided to create a hat wall. It took only minutes to hang the hats; they add texture and depth to the walls, and I love the fun, beachy vibe they create.Straw hat wallThis is the entryway before I hung the hats – white and ready for inspiration. We renovated our cottage last summer and I never got around to hanging anything before the cottage season ended. A large canvas or gallery of picture frames could both work well on the wall, but the hats become quirky eye appeal and functional art. Where to hang your hat? Easy!Hat wallSet the hats on the floor in front of the wall where you want to hang them and play around with the shape, texture and size of the hats. I hung my favorite hat in a handy spot to make it easy to grab and go. There are no rules or complicated measurements. Make it fun and let your style lead the way. You can hang your hats in a horizontal or vertical row, hang them closely together or hang them above a bed to make a headboard.Hat wallI used clear push pins to hang each hat. The tall pin head makes it easy to hold straw hats. The pins only make tiny holes in the wall and they disappear against the white background when my favorite hat is “out for a walk”. Decorative hooks or knobs would also look terrific but just keep in mind that they leave bigger holes in walls. l prefer the push pin option because I often change my wall décor.Hat wallHere’s a view of the hats from the master bedroom located next to the entryway. The different colors of straw and various shapes and sizes add visual interest to the wall no matter the viewing angle.Hat wallThe hats tie in nicely with the rope lamp (hiding behind the hydrangeas), wicker mirror on the right and sisal rug. The whole look is fresh, fun and screams cottage. Every time I walk by, I just wanna grab a hat and hit the beach.Hat wallI used straw hats to create a coastal beachy feel at the cottage, but you could create a wall with any type of hat – hanging baseball, cowboy or vintage hats will add interest, depth and a whole lot of self expression to any wall. What I love the most about the gallery of hats are the stories it holds. Vivid images of the city where each was bought and the adventures I had there with others comes back instantly. I’ve created a memory wall without any pictures, just hats.Hat wallOn this note, I have to run. Au revoir!Hat wallWhat’s the “craziest” thing you’ve ever hung on your walls? Please share in the comment box below.


4 thoughts on “Thrifty chic décor – Decorating with straw hats

  1. Alice Dressler

    Very nice, Liette. I like your hat display. Actually, you can hang just about anything on your walls. I have a couple of artistic dolls I bought at an art show several years ago. One is hanging on the wall in my family room and the other one is on a wall that leads upstairs to the loft area of my home.

  2. JaneEllen

    Don’t know if would be called crazy but hung some mini chairs in a formation then encircled them with hats so had double display on a big (before) empty wall. Got lots of compliments on display.
    Love your hat display.
    Happy daze

  3. Liette Post author

    Jane – that sounds beautiful and very unique. A look you don’t see everywhere – which I love. Congrats!

  4. Liette Post author

    Alice – your displays sound playful and whimsical, a great way to add personality to your walls (and home). Fantastic idea!

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